2015 Tutu Fellow Wiebe Boer PhD has been appointed to serve on the the UN Technical Working Group 5: Finance and Investment, joining 27 other sector experts. This cross-cutting and multidisciplinary UN Technical Working Group addresses “how public and private finance and investment can be mobilized and leveraged to achieve the 2025 Milestones, SDG7 and carbon neutrality, taking also into consideration enabling mechanisms such as the fiscal response to COVID-19, fossil fuel subsidy reform; green investment regulation; risk management and insurance.”

The objective of Working Group 5 is is to distill the expertise and inputs from the members of the working group to identify recommendations that are “ambitious, innovative and fit-for-purpose, of high impact, and replicable at scale across geographies and themes”.

The UN Technical Working Group 5: Finance and Investment has met three times in the lead up to the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy taking place in New York, in September 2021.

The High-level Dialogue in September will be structured around five over-arching themes. This is to ensure an inclusive process for engagement by Member States and other stakeholders to identify, develop and accelerate action for universal energy access, energy transitions and energy’s interlinkages with other Sustainable Development Goals.

One other Tutu Fellow, Ladé Araba, is serving on the UN Technical Working Group on Energy Access, which will also participate in the September conference in a separate themed track. You can read more about the work that Wiebe's Group is doing at the UN website.

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