Aside from the people listed below, please also see other distinguished guest speakers who have assisted AFLI's leadership programmes.

Mont Fleur, South Africa

  • Caryn Solomon, PhD  
  • Peter Wilson
  • Olugbenga Adesida, PhD
  • Sean P. Lance  
  • Dr. Nkosana Moyo
  • Dr Allen Zimbler
  • Judy Malan
  • Rachel Adams
  • Prof Carlos Lopes

Oxford, England

  • Prof. Keith Grint
  • Tim Cullen, MBE
  • Oliver Fischer, PhD
  • Richard Olivier, Founder Olivier Mythodrama
  • Peter Hanke
  • Prof. John Lennox
  • Stewart Morgan
  • Prof. Jon Stokes
  • Marshall Young, D Phil
  • Prof. Eddie Obeng