tutu home page"I am delighted and honoured that these amazing young people bear my name."   

-Archbishop Desmond Tutu



Tutu Fellows are extraordinary Africans with unique talents who are drawn from a wide diversity of social, cultural and economic backgrounds. They stand united in a commonality of attitudes and vision. Their key attributes include:

  • High achievers, respected within their communities, with strong leadership track records.
  • Hard working and driven by a passion to make a positive and lasting impact on Africa’s future.
  • A strong moral and ethical code. They believe in fairness and equality and are willing to fight injustice and challenge the status quo.
  • Seek to lead by example and are able to inspire and motivate leadership in others.
  • Outgoing, high energy, open minded and people-oriented. They are confident, but with great humility and respect for all.
  • Seeking to serve their communities and stakeholders rather than self-gratification they find solutions for the greater good, based on a ‘big picture’ perspective.
  • Creative problem solvers, with enquiring minds who are geared towards innovative and inventive solutions that can be implemented practically.
  • Visionary and strategic, they have the courage to challenge the status quo and drive new solutions to Africa’s needs.
  • Highly confident and socially adept, ready and eager to engage and leverage the Fellowship and other networks to further their goals.

 Achievements of AFLI Fellows

  • Presidential Candidate
  • 32 WEF Young Global Leaders
  • 14 Rhodes Scholars
  • 3 International Multi Nation Eisenhower Fellows
  • 5 Yale World Fellows
  • Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year
  • Africa’s Top Emerging Scientist
  • African Journalist of the Year
  • Nigerian Businessman of the Year & East African Businessman of the Year
  • Two of the Top - 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa 2015 (Forbes Africa)
  • Four of the Top-20 Most Powerful Woman in Africa (Forbes Africa)
  • Africa’s Top Emerging Scientist
  • African Journalist of the Year

Find a Fellow

We encourage prospective donors and supporters, media and others to meet some of the Tutu Fellows to learn about their AFLI experiences and the impact the programme has had on their lives. To find out more, search our database, or take a look at Fellows by programme year.