2016 Tutu Fellow Succès Masra PhD has been appointed transitional Prime Minister of Chad by transitional President General Mahamat Idriss Deby. The appointment was made on 1 January 2024.

Succès is the president of The Transformers party and has been a long-time opponent of the Deby dynasty. He returned to Chad in November after reaching an agreement with its military leaders. He went into exile after the October 2022 protests that broke out when the military regime extended by two years an already 18-month transition that was supposed to culminate in elections and the return to power of a civilian government.

Days before the referendum at the end of 2023 on a new constitution – which saw 86 percent of participants vote "yes" - Succès publicly urged supporters to vote in favour, with the outcome expected to pave the way to elections. He argued that its adoption would accelerate the end of the transition, a position that has stirred some controversy both within and outside his party. The “yes” camp advocated for a new constitution that would bring a “unitary and decentralized state” in order to preserve the country's unity. The reconciliation agreement, which was signed in Kinshasa on October 3, guaranteed him free exercise of political activities.

Chad's transitional President, General Deby made the announcement in a presidential decree read out on national television, and that he will serve through the transition to civilian rule.  Succès replaces Saleh Kebzabo, who along with his government, resigned on Dec. 29 following the promulgation of the new constitution.

Turnout after the announcement at some rallies across the country was very high, indicating a measure of hope about the future of the country.

Note: This story has been superseded by events in Chad.  The May 2024 elections took place and Chad's military leader, Mahamat Idriss Deby, who seized power in 2021, was declared winner and President.  As leader of the opposition, Succès filed an appeal with the constitutional council to challenge the results, saying the election had been rigged. Never the less, the interview still provides a snapshot and insight into the goals Succès had prior to the elections. 


 Header image: From Naijanews post when Succès Masra was received by Chadian President Déby in November 2023.  Media gallery images from Succès' WhatsApp account.

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