A few weeks ago, President Tinube appointed 2019 Tutu Fellow Uzoma Nwagba as the CEO of the Nigerian Consumer Credit Corpration. This week he started engagements with Nigeria’s lending ecosystem.

CreditCorp is a government-owned organisation with the mission of accelerating consumer credit access to 50% of working Nigerians by 2030. CrediCorp - and its consumer credit guarantee fund - works closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the financial sector, identity management, credit registries, fintechs, consumer protection, and policy makers on this mission. 

The current meetings include deposit money banks, microfinance, fintechs, and cooperatives, which Uzoma says are critical partners to CreditCorp's mission. At his first session - with 19 commercial banks, convened by the CBN - he shared the mission of CreditCorp, including the 50% goal.  The session also shared technical details, including CreditCorp's unique offering of wholesale capital and credit guarantees for lenders committed to accelerating consumer credit access to Nigerians at scale.

He said that the session also provided important feedback that should allow CreditCorp to fine-tune the rollout of financial products. The session was convened by the Central Bank of Nigeria in Lagos.

 Attributions - header image provided by Uzoma Nwagba, staff photographer

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