2019 Tutu Fellow Samson Itodo hosted a conference and meetings on strategy in Washington DC on Nigeria's 2023 general election. These meetings are part of the efforts made to enhance the international profile of the election and to mobilize international support for successful polls next year.

Samson shared on his LinkedIn page that the delegation returned to Nigeria, inspired, determined, and more empowered to deliver credible polls next year. He pointed out that Nigeria’s 2023 election is Africa’s biggest event, therefore Nigeria cannot afford to fail and every vote has to count.

The elections on 25 February 2023 will be one of the most high-stakes elections that Nigeria has witnessed in decades. The people will elect a new president, vice-president and all of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives. A fortnight later, there will be elections for all of the state governors and the legislatures of all of the states in the federation. If successful, it will be the first time since independence six decades prior that Nigeria has secured three consecutive peaceful transitions of power – an important barometer of its democracy since it transitioned from military rule in 1999.

If unsuccessful, it will be damaging to a country impacted by security threats, polarisation and economic challenges. The stakes could not be higher.

Samson is an experienced community organizer and development practitioner with over a decade of experience in constitution building, governance reform, electoral governance, civic engagement, and political organizing. He currently is the Executive Director of Yiaga Africa and the Convener of the Not Too Young To Run movement.

Yiaga Africa is a community of change makers focused on building sustainable democracies in Africa anchored on the principles of inclusion, justice, accountability and constitutionalism. Samson plays a leading role in implementing the organization’s mission and objectives which entail strategic planning, policy research and analysis, grant seeking and stakeholder engagement.

Samson also has a background in law and postgraduate degrees in Law and Public Policy. He has published several articles and co-authored publications with notable industry experts. He is a radio and TV host too and he co-founded Amplified Online Radio, a pan African youth talk and music radio station.

Read his thoughts on his LinkedIn page.


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