2019 Tutu Fellow Marcia Ashong has been appointed to the 2X Global Forum - along 16 other leaders from around the world - to drive a gender-equal world. She will be sharing her perspectives on gender-equal leadership, along with her deep commitment to supporting the goal of unlocking gender-smart capital globally. Marcia is Founder and CEO of TheBoardroom Africa, which has been described as Africa's leading network of women executives.  Her company is a resource of female talent for boards across the globe.   2X Global is a global membership and field-building organization for investors, capital providers, and intermediaries working in public and private markets, across both developed and emerging economies.

2X Global ForumThe 2X Global Forum was started to serve as a long-term strategic engagement site to bring in the voices, inspiration, concerns, and perspectives of 2X Global’s broader and more diverse stakeholders to the 2X leadership in a constructive and timely way.  The forum is designed for discussion, network and engagement. It brings together stakeholders such as gender specialists, representatives of women’s groups and feminist civil society organisations, target audiences of the organisation and those it seeks to positively impact, and collaborating partners.

Aside from TheBoardroom Africa, Marcia is also CEO of Brace Energy, an oil and gas service company providing outsourced support and a range of dedicated services and tool rentals to clients across the value-chain of the oil & gas industry.  She has placed a number of Tutu Fellows on boards, extending the impact of the Tutu Fellowship.

You can read more about her appointment to the 2X Global Forum at LinkedIn.

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