As a survivor of kidney disease, 2010 Fellow Lorna Irungu shares in her TEDx talk some important life lessons. The first one she offers is the importance of being well informed. She goes on to say how important it is to surround yourself with the right kind of people who believe in you and support you in any way. She gave her talk in July, 2012. 

Running through the statistics of the number of people who die annually of kidney disease in the world - 2.5 million people - she points out how daunting these numbers are and the  impacts are on the people affected. Despite that, she says it is very important for people to not identify themselves with the situation they are in, in order to become a conqueror of the situation rather than a victim.

Lorna also talks about two primary choices in life -  accepting conditions or accept the responsibility of changing them. She says she has definitely accepted changing her situation and she is continuing to do so every day by setting goals and by helping others.  In her talk, she outlined the journey she had taken struggling with lupus, and the toll it took on her body, kidney failure and the challenges of getting a transplant. 

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