Re'ayit Misr emergency ICU field hospital has been set up by Tutu Fellow Ahmed Zahran’s company, KarmSolar, to aid Egypt’s COVID-19 response.  He pulled together a coalition of experts from KarmSolar and it's partners and designed a functional, modular solution for an emergency ICU field hospital. The plans for the hospital have also been made available for free download.

The Re'ayit Misr emergency ICU field hospital is a product of the coalition’s combined expertise in energy, architecture design and construction. Their expertise was used to develop a modular, pre-fabricated structure, to properly serve the needs of healthcare institutions and patients combating the pandemic, by providing additional ICU capacity.

This design accommodates an extremely fast mobilization and installation of the facility cost effectively, in order to service healthcare overflows.

The emergency field hospital also serves as a kind of test model for future emergency field hospitals should they be needed.  In addition to the Re'ayit Misr initiative, the plans for the hospital have also been made available for free download, further extending the positive impact of the group. By making the architecture designs and construction methodology on its website easily accessible for any interested entity or nation in need of a feasible and rapid solution for temporary additional ICU capacity to care for patients and healthcare professionals combating the spread of COVID-19, it eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel.

To find out more about the pioneering designs or to download a set of plans, visit the website set up to view the construction methodology and download all the architecture designs of the emergency ICU field hospital. 

Ahmed's company, KarmSolar, is a solar technology and integration company that has played a key role in Egypt’s energy sustainability transformation. He is also the co-founder of Nahdet El Mahrousa, a social change incubator that was recently named in The

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