2019 Tutu Fellow Uzoma Nwagba has been selected into the prestigious Global Eisenhower Fellowship. Uzoma is a lead innovator and Chief Operating Officer of Nigeria’s Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), managing the world’s largest microcredit scheme. 

GEEP to date has leveraged the power of a technology-driven operation to disburse and manage a portfolio of two million loans to underbanked Nigerians, demonstrating the biggest advancement of financial inclusion via credit in Africa.

Announcing Nwagba’s selection in a February press release, Erin Hillman, the President of the Eisenhower Fellowship praised the Nigerian Growth Platform that Uzoma presides over as saying it has the goal of ‘reversing perennial poverty in Africa’ by changing the paradigm from ‘aid for survival’ to ‘aid for productivity.’ 

The Eisenhower Fellowship selects the most impactful and innovative mid-career leaders from across continents to tackle pressing global challenges. Commemorating its 70th anniversary, the fellowship has selected 26 Fellows from five continents for its 2023 Global Program.

On fellowship, Nwagba will develop an upskilling program he calls “Nigeria Valley” to train a new generation of software engineers, product designers, Web 3.0 developers and blockchain professionals who will work remotely from Nigeria in thousands of global jobs.”

 In 2016, 2010 Tutu Fellow Lorna Irungu was selected to be part of the Fellowship.

You can read the full article about Uzoma's selection at the Eisenhower Fellowship site.

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