2010 Fellow Edwin Macharia has been appointed as a member of the Nature Conservancy global Board of Directors. He was elected to his first three-year term, which started on October 15, 2020. The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental non-profit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. The NGO impacts conservation positively in 79 countries and territories across six continents.

Edwin Macharia is Dalberg Advisors’ Global Managing Partner. In this role, he sets Dalberg’s direction and oversees activities across offices worldwide.  “As The Nature Conservancy continues our mission to tackle some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges with creative, bold, scientifically-based, and scalable solutions, we need creative, bold, and strategic thinkers like John, Michelle, and Edwin to help us accomplish our goals,” said Jennifer Morris, The Nature Conservancy’s CEO.

Jennifer went on to say, “Our new board members bring diverse backgrounds and global thinking to these roles. Their expertise—alongside the expertise of our current board members—will strengthen our efforts to make a lasting, positive difference around the world.” 

“I am honored to welcome these distinguished individuals to our global Board of Directors,” said Board Chair, Fran Ulmer. “Their appointments add strengths, skills, and new perspectives to the overall composition of the board and reflect our ongoing commitment to ensure that our global board reflects the diversity of the places where we work in order to create a world in which people and nature thrive.”

Edwin holds a degree in biology from Amherst College and is a member of The Nature Conservancy’s Africa Advisory Council. He has long been passionate about ensuring that conservation efforts are inclusive and relevant to local communities and national government agendas.

The announcement was made on the Nature Conservancy's site. The cover picture is from their site.

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