CNN’s Inside Africa have profiled 2017 Tutu Fellow, Bosun Tijani, along with two other of Nigeria's tech entrepreneurs and innovators who are using technology to provide life-changing solutions to everyday problems.  Bosun is the founder and CEO of CcHUB. 

CNN says Nigeria has 90 tech hubs, the most on the continent. It said that in 2019, one report had found that start-ups in Nigeria had raised nearly $400 million, more than double the amount from the previous year. CNN went on to say that in recent years, Nigeria had become an incubator for some of the continent’s biggest start-ups.

As CEO of the CcHUB in Nigeria, the iHUB in Nairobi and the Design Lab in Kigali, Bosun was recently invited by the European Commission to join a new Advisory Group on Research and Innovation, which will support the strategic mainstreaming of research and investment in Africa/Europe Partnerships. Bosun told CNN that, "science and technology can leapfrog development across Africa ... there are so many smart people on this continent, we just need to build a platform that will enable them to create."

The focus of the CNN feature was on STEM Café - CcHUB’s maker space for children, where they can dream up big ideas through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). At the cafe, children engage in a series of activities and informal sessions including coding challenges, computer games and prototyping with 3D printers.

"I want to help raise a new generation of people in Africa with lifelong interest in science. Young people with strong creative confidence and the desire to apply science and technology in addressing significant social and economic challenges"

You can watch the full episode, Nigeria's 'Techpreneurs' solving real-world problems with solution-based start-ups at CNN Inside Africa

The header image on this article is from CcHUB and shows Bosun and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey when he visited Lagos in 2019.

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