2013 Tutu Fellow Hynd Bouhia PhD has published a book, African Girl, Africa Woman: How agile, empowered and tech-savvy females will transform the continent... for good. The book follows her travels across the African continent and explores the pivotal role played by African women in realizing the continent’s digital and technological revolution.

From Casablanca to Cape Town to Cairo, and from the ancient pyramids to venture capital-financed entrepreneurs and start-ups, this work explores 'how to prepare the African girl to fill, own, and lead this vital role into the 21st century'. 

Written by someone born to a traditional culture, who graduated in a scientific field dominated by men, travelled the world, and explored diverse cultures, it afforded insights producing detailed analysis, with the unique insights and perspective of a female who has known and overcome gender challenges firsthand.

Hynd is CEO of Strategica, an international consulting firm specializing in economic intelligence and consulting strategy. She is a professor of sustainable development and a member of Harvard’s environmental studies research team, and of Johns Hopkins University’s Society of Scholars. Hynd has held leadership positions in both the public and private sectors.b2ap3 large AfricanGirl

This extract from the introduction gives a sense of the book’s power:

"You are not alone. You stand on the shoulders of countless women before you, all who have done and are still accomplishing extraordinary things. They teach. They code. They unlock the secrets of life. They launch tech startups, finance new ventures, run multinational corporations. They can’t wait to share their experience, their mistakes as well as their successes, in programs and initiatives where the African girl and the African woman, can be inspired. Learn from these role models, and you will become one. Draw strength from their examples, knowing that a new generation will, in turn, be inspired by your own!"

She also pays tribute to the Archbishop Tutu Leadership Programme and its role in nurturing such leaders.

African Girl, African Woman was published in March 2021.  It can be purchased from Amazon.

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