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Class of 2017 pays it forward


In 2017, at the close of the Tutu Leadership Programme, the Class of 2017 felt inspired by the life-changing programme and decided they wanted to collect a group donation to further the work being done by the African Leadership Institute. They asked that the cash collected from the personal resources of the 2017 Fellows be used for the sustainability of the programme in future. Because of the impact the programme had had on them, they felt it was important that somebody who might have the potential to become a Fellow shouldn't lose that opportunity because of a lack of resources. So they asked for the money to be used towards covering the expenses of a deserving candidate who otherwise may not be able to participate due to financial constraints.

The Class of 2017 raised a total of $4,000, which was paid into AFLI's donations account.  Peter Wilson, the Co-Founder and Director of Programmes, thanked the group and said that AFLI would adhere to their wishes. "Thank you for your wonderful thought," he said.  He went on to say that should funds remain, they would be carried over to future years. Andiswa Bata, who contacted AFLI about the donation and handled its transfer thanked AFLI for the experience they had had. On behalf of herself and her cohort she said "we remain deeply moved and motivated by all that we learned, shared and experienced on the 2017 programme.  We wish the 2018 cohort all the very best!"

AFLI alumni have a tradition of paying it forward with Alumni donations, but this is the first time that a class has self-mobilised to make a group donation.

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Saturday, 28 May 2022

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