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Can China help higher education in Africa?

Can China help higher education in Africa?

2014 Tutu Fellow Isaac Fokuo has written a thought piece for African Business in which he considers the potential impact of China on Africa, not from the typical perspective of trade or infrastructure, but in terms of education. Fokuo, who is the co-founder of the Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence makes the point that higher education is one sector that could benefit from greater involvement by China.  One area in which the impact could be profound is in the area of technical and vocational training. 

In Africa, this type of training is limited by a lack of industrial support and institutions offering this training often have outdated equipment no longer used in industry while trainers and curricula are not up to international standards. One solution to bridging these gaps, could be partnerships between technical training institutions and Chinese companies.

Fokuo does not overlook the role of government in incentising Chinese firms to invest in equipment and training resources at these institutions. Additionally, he touches on other areas of cooperation and education development, including student exchanges and long-term strategy for engagement.  The full article can be seen on the African Business website.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

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