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Job Title: Country Officer for the DRC at Proparco

Professional History

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga is the Country Officer for the Democratic Republic of Congo at Proparco, one of the largest development finance institutions (DFI) in the world. Proparco has promoted sustainable economic, social and environmental development for more than 45 years in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East.  Its focus is on infrastructure - mainly for renewable energies - agribusiness, financial institutions, health and education and seek to align with furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the international community in 2015.

In addition to her work at Proparco, Hannah advises a number of early-stage funds and start-ups on the continent that include Launch Africa Ventures, a pan-African early-stage investment fund. She serves on the investment committee member and also advises on its Francophone African strategy.  At Launch Africa, she has backed more than 125 start-ups, including 25% that are female-led and 10% in Francophone Africa.  Hannah also advises at Aruwa Capital, a Nigerian private equity fund with a focus on women-owned and led tech ventures.

In 2023, Hannah was re-appointed as a non-executive director of ABAN, the African Business Angel Network, a pan-African non-profit association. At ABAN, she has designed and implemented investment programmes for Francophone Africa and other frontier markets.

Her career has also seen her co-found two investment clubs in Africa – Dazzle Angels, the first women-led tech club investing in female-led tech businesses, based in South Africa; and, DRC Impact Angels, the first impact investment club in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In her home country, she also launched latech243 – a collective of start-ups and tech stakeholders that is representative of the vitality of the DRC.

Before joining Proparco, Hannah was a portfolio manager in a 1bn$ African fund and an investment banker in London.


Masters Degree II - Finance - HEC Paris Business School
Masters Degree II - Business Law - Université Paris I La Sorbonne


2023 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Programme

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