Dr. Alwyn T. Andrew-MzirayDr Alwyn Andrew-Mziray


Deceased (1972-2011)


Occupational Information

Job Title: Director of Emergency Medicine at the Abbott Fund in Tanzania

Professional History

Dr. Alwyn T. Andrew-Mziray was a co-founder of the Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic and an emergency-medicine-trained physician with a profound interest in international medicine. Alwyn had significant management experience, having worked in healthcare banking on Wall Street, and thereafter as a healthcare consultant. He served as Principal at the private equity group Bio-Equity Partners, which focused on global pandemics.

Alwyn co-founded the American chapter of the Tanzanian AIDS organization WAMATA, a non-governmental organization that works with people affected by HIV/AIDS. He sat on the board of Operation Smile in New York and was a Trustee of two hospitals in Tanzania.

Alwyn trained in emergency medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia & Cornell where he received the prestigious Augustine D’Orta award. Alwyn received a combined MD/MBA from the University of Chicago – Pritzker School of Medicine and the Booth Graduate School of Business. During his studies, he concentrated on healthcare management and policy, entrepreneurship, and finance. At the University of Chicago he was the GTE fellow in Chemistry, the RWJ/MMEP scholar for health sciences, and the I&G scholar in physical sciences.


BA Chemistry from the University of Chicago
MD from the University of Chicago
MBA from the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business


2010 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

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