Constantin J. von der HeydenConstantin von der Heyden PhD

South Africa

Occupational Information

Job Title: Director of the Pegasys Group

Professional History

Constantin is Managing Director of the Pegasys Group. He serves on the Pegasys group board, along with a number of other boards and trusts. He has a doctorate (D. Phil) from Oxford University, which he attended as a Rhodes Scholar between 1999 and 2002, following which he held a post-doctoral research fellowship at Brasenose College (Oxford) until 2004. Constantin has 20 years’ consulting and research experience in Africa, with a particular focus on public infrastructure and services, and public governance arrangements, for economic growth and development.

Constantin has been extensively involved in the water, climate, transport, and urban development spaces over his research and consulting career. Over the past 10 years, he has worked extensively in public transport and is recognized as one of South Africa’s leading transport specialists. He is particularly interested in the informal and paratransit industries as major contributors to economic development, employment, empowerment, and mobility in Africa, and in their growth and transition into formal business structures.


PhD in Geography from Oxford University as Rhodes Scholar 
Veterinary Science degree from the University of Pretoria


2010 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Programme Fellow

 Additional Tags: Science,  Transport, Economics, Finance, Public Infrastructure, Governance, Growth and Development, Policy, Strategy Development.


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