Fellowship Year: 2018
Nationality: Nigeria
Job Title: Executive Director
Organisation: NSIA: Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority


Job Title: Executive Director

Organisation: NSIA: Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority

Professional History: Aminu is the Executive Director at NSIA: Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and the Deputy Head of the Nigeria Infrastructure Fund, one of three ring-fenced funds of the NSIA. He leads the development, execution, and management of critical domestic infrastructure projects in the transportation, power, agriculture, healthcare, and real-estate sectors. While in this role, he was appointed by President Muhammedu Buhari to the Board of the NSIA.

The Investment Authority has co-led the development of a number of strategic infrastructure initiatives in Nigeria, including the establishment of InfraCredit, a specialized financial guarantor catalyzing domestic pension funds’ participation in financing domestic infrastructure assets. At the invitation of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aminu led the implementation of the Presidential Fertiliser Initiative, a transformative import-substitution program for the domestic production and supply of high-quality fertilizer to Nigerian farmers.

Prior to his work for the government, he worked in mergers & acquisitions with Morgan Stanley Investment Bank in the Energy and Utilities sectors. He has also worked with Denham Capital Management, an oil & gas, mining, and power-focused private equity fund.

Academic and professional credentials: BEng and MEng, University of Oxford

Programs: Aminu co-led the development of Nigeria Leadership Initiative's (NLI) Future Leaders Program, a bi-annual leadership development program focused on creating a growing, global network of credible, community-spirited young Nigerian leaders, serving on NLI's inaugural board.


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