Fellowship Year: 2008
Nationality: Ethiopia
Job Title: Vice President, Coordinator of Infrastructure
Organisation: Oromia Regional Government, Ethiopia


Job Title: Vice President, Coordinator of Infrastructure

Organisation: Oromia Regional Government, Ethiopia

Professional History: Girma Amente, PhD, is the Vice President, Coordinator of Infrastructure, Oromia Regional Government, Ethiopia. He was formerly, the Head of the Urban Development and Housing Bureau for Oromia State and before that, was Minister of Public Enterprises in Ethiopia in Prime Minister’s Abiy Ahmed’s federal government. He has served as a member on the Board of Directors for the following institutions: Oromia International Bank (private), Oromia State Investment Promotion Commission, Oromia Water Works, Design and Supervision Enterprise, and The Development Corridors of Oromia State. He has extensive experience in the area of participatory and sustainable forest management and has worked as a counterpart with bilateral organizations such as GTZ and JICA and NGOs such as FARM Africa and SOS Sahel. He is one of the leading role players in designing an effective development approach and strategies to ensure food security and alleviate poverty in the country due to which he has been given an award of a medal for his best performance from the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, His Excellency Meles Zenawi.

Academic and professional credentials: BSc in Forestry, Haramaya University, Ethiopia
MSc in Production Forestry Swedish Agriculture University
Ph.D. in Civil Culture from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany



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