African Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) South Africa


The African Science Leadership Program is aimed at early-career scientists in Africa who want to take on a leadership role in terms of shaping science and research, both at their own universities and across institutions and national borders. Alongside seminars on the development of management, communication, and leadership skills, the twelve-month program covers the implementation of individual projects designed to bring about improvement in scientific management. The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports programs that enable young African scientists to gain qualifications in science management and leadership, cultivate the key expertise required for an academic career, and build strong pan-African and international networks. The program is organized by the University of Pretoria in conjunction with the Global Young Academy, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and various international partners, and is integrated in the Future Africa Initiative.


Name of Primary Programme
African Science Leadership Programme (ASLP)
Programme Start Date
Are programmes continuing?
Programme Type
Leadership Impact Platform
Numbers of programme participants annually
25 - 250
Organisation website
Programme Funders
Philanthropic, Corporate
Region from which participants are selected
Various, Northern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa
Programme Contact email
Philanthropic funders
Robert Bosch Stiftung
African country or countries of programme delivery
South Africa
Country of operation
South Africa
Corporate funders
University of Pretoria, Global Young Academy
Region of programme delivery
Southern Africa
Organisation Name
Robert Bosch Stiftung

Leadership organisation location

Lynnwood Rd, South Africa
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The African Leadership Institute (AFLI) focuses on building the capacity and capability of visionary and strategic leadership across the continent. Developing exceptional leaders representing all spheres of society, the Institute’s flagship programme is the prestigious Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship. Offering a multifaceted learning experience and run in partnership with Oxford University, it is awarded annually to 20-25 carefully chosen candidates, nominated from across Africa. Alumni of the African Leadership Institute form a dynamic network of Fellows passionately committed to the continent’s transformation, bridging the divide between nations and ensuring that Africa is set centre-stage in global affairs.