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American Councils for International Education is a premier, international nonprofit creating educational opportunities that prepare individuals and institutions to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Through academic exchanges, overseas language immersion, and educational development programs, American Councils designs and administers innovative programs that broaden individual perspectives, increase knowledge, and deepen understanding. For 40 years, American Councils has responded to the needs of the communities where we work with hundreds of robust, international education programs that span over 69 countries, 40 languages, and are represented by over 55,000 alumni worldwide, including government leaders, top international educators, business innovators, public officials, and K-16 students.


Name of Primary Programme
Professional Fellows Program
Programme Start Date
Telephone Number - alternate
(+1) 202.833.7522
Programme Type
Leadership Development Programme
Numbers of programme participants annually
25 - 250
Organisation website
Programme Funders
Government, Philanthropic, Corporate
Region from which participants are selected
Northern Africa
Programme Contact email
Government funding
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia; US Agency for International Development; US Department of State; World Bank Small Grants Program; National Science Foundation; Greater Shankill Development Agency, Belfast
Region of programme delivery
North America
Country of operation
United States
Philanthropic funders
Bridge Foundation; Arnow Family Foundation; Aaron Goldman Foundation; Center for Education Programs / Milken Family Foundation; Gelman Foundation; Kelly Foundation
Are programmes continuing?
Organisation Name
Professional Fellows
Corporate funders
Bayer; A.G.; Bell Atlantic; Best Power; Broderbund; Chevron; Macromedia; Merrill Lynch; Scholarship Builders Program; Mobil Corporation; Netopia; Telemon Corporation; Xerox Corporation; Microsoft Matching Gift Fund
Telephone Number
+1 540 297-5982

Leadership organisation location

3 Bedok Pl, Singapore 486076
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About AFLI



The African Leadership Institute (AFLI) focuses on building the capacity and capability of visionary and strategic leadership across the continent. Developing exceptional leaders representing all spheres of society, the Institute’s flagship programme is the prestigious Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship. Offering a multifaceted learning experience and run in partnership with Oxford University, it is awarded annually to 20-25 carefully chosen candidates, nominated from across Africa. Alumni of the African Leadership Institute form a dynamic network of Fellows passionately committed to the continent’s transformation, bridging the divide between nations and ensuring that Africa is set centre-stage in global affairs.