2016 Tutu Fellow Jon Kornik has joined the ranks of the 2017 Echoing Green Fellowship.  Thirty six people were named by the global organisation as Fellows in the class of 2017.  They include people turning chicken feathers into sustainable home insulation; creating pathways for underground distributors of cannabis to enter the legal cannabis industry; and equipping communities with data on police violence.

 Echoing Green is a 30-year-old social innovation fund and global nonprofit that networks extraordinary individuals with influential ideas and original solutions.  It provides support on grants and seed funding to accelerate the vision that their Fellows have. The organisation is active in working on issues such as econonomic development, education, environmental sustainability, justice and human rights, and others.  The group was selected from more than 2,800 applicants from 164 countries.

Kornik was selected for his efforts in seeking to build sustainable, intelligent cities one home at a time by providing reliable internet-connected energy, water, and waste services more affordably than the grid through Plentify, which he founded and leads.  He argues that improving the resilience of cities is key to minimizing catastrophic human costs of climate change, and a new model for utilities is needed to support this.  By installing infrastructure in homes that provide these services on site and using internet-connected technology, Plentify is able to reduce the costs to its users and provide flexibilty to the grid, making the whole system more resilient.

There's more on the class of 2017 at Globe News Wire.

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