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Paul Kapelus - 2008 Tutu Fellow (South Africa)

Paul Kapelus - 2008 Tutu Fellow (South Africa)

Paul Kapelus has a 23-year career in the field of business and society. His focus has been in the natural resources sectors, working with mining, oil, gas, agriculture and forestry. Paul’s work has focused on how companies intersect with development and the strategies that need to be considered, designed and implemented. He has experience in partnership design and implementation, conflict resolution, bankable feasibility studies, social and human rights assessments, sustainability reporting and assurance, design of management systems, stakeholder engagement strategies and plans, design and management of trusts and foundations, training, coaching, and recruitment.

Sam Mensah - 2014 Tutu Fellow (Ghana)
Mucha Mkanganwi - 2011 Tutu Fellow (Zimbabwe)

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