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Ify Malo named as an African Power & Energy Elite 2020


2013 Fellow Ify Malo has been named as one of the African Power & Energy Elites 2020 Projects and Leaders in their annual industry journal. Those selected were named by their industry peers. In a collaborative effort, the African Power & Energy Elites publication and the 2020 African Power, Energy and Water Industry Awards worked together in a unified nomination and selection process.

The journal said that these were people who were leaders in their industry at a time in which the world was entering a Peak Decade that would disrupt business and investment across all sectors. At the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, this decade was described as including Peak Globalisation; Peak Capitalism; Peak Inequality; Peak Youth; Peak Climate Change; Peak Oil Demand; Peak Cars - all of which were directly or indirectly connected to the modern power and energy network.

Among the leaders named are people writing new legislature to attract investment; designing funding models that work for smaller markets needing access; creating innovative platforms for the buying and selling of power; and bringing innovation to the local automotive industry such as e-vehicles, among others.

Ify was included for her role as the Campaign Director of Power For All in Nigeria. In a two-page interview with her, Ify spoke of themes such as teamwork, innovation, leadership skills, partnering, consistency, and the role of renewables in the electricity sector. She spoke of how the world has shifted dramatically in just 10 years and how solar and renewables make a much greater proportion of electricity generated. In Nigeria, she said that many distribution companies are beginning to open up mini-grid departments, something that as recently as two years ago never existed.

You can read the full interview with her online.

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