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Harnessing the power of collective action


In a TEDx Lagos talk, 2006 Tutu Fellow Janah Ncube speaks about the power of the general public in directing economic and even political agenda through the concept of collective action. She challenges the audience through case studies that show how collective action can have had significant impact in policy making.

Janah makes the case that Africans can bring changes themselves rather than looking for others to provide solutions or for elected political leaders to do so. She describes the concept of collective action as several individuals working together for the same goal and putting together all their ideas, thoughts, skills and resources towards it.

She admits that this is not a new concept and it can be called partnership or coalition but collective action is what Africa needs to prosper. Janah urges unions, movements and organisations to come together and transform situations.

Janah is known for her support of governments on implementing policies, integrating civil society perspectives in governmental processes; civil society issues; gender and women’s rights; human rights and good governance; conflict resolution and peacebuilding and poverty monitoring.

You can see her talk below.


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