2017 Tutu Fellow John-Allen Namu has released a documentary exposing the complicity of individuals in the Kenyan and Ugandan elite in illicit financial flows in support of South Sudan's warlords. John-Allen is an award-winning investigative journalist and the co-founder of Africa Uncensored.

The powerful three-part documentary titled, The Profiteers, is an expose of how South Sudan warlords plunder public resources to live in opulence in Nairobi while ordinary South Sudanese live in abject poverty. The money looted from Sudan's public coffers is then siphoned off to Kenya and Uganda through banking institutions where the cartels are laundering it by investing in other businesses. 

While John-Allen Namu's documentary series shows the influence of money fuelling the violence in South Sudan, Tutu Fellows have also been active in other ways to help bring peace to Africa's newest nation.  On Africa Day last year, the Archbishop Tutu Fellowship sent an open letter to African heads of state calling on them directly to rescue the South Sudan Peace Agreement.  The letter, to ten heads of state, called for them to exercise their influence on the political and military leadership in South Sudan and specifically calls on them to deny South Sudan's leaders access to other African countries and calls out the billions lost as a result of the conflict.

Additionally, 2016 Tutu Fellow and South Sudan activist Peter Biar Ajak is a political prisoner of South Sudan's political leadership.  At the time of publishing this post, he has been held for months without due process or charges levied against him for rebuttal in open court.  The situation in the Blue House prison - and his safety - has been exacerbated by a mutiny by detainees that began last week.  The call from the prisoners who initiated the mutiny is for due process - they do not want to held without charge. Prisoners disarmed two guards and took their guns.  About 400 prisoners are being held at the security services headquarters facility where the mutiny is occurring.

John Allen-Namu's documentary The Profiteers seeks answers and reveals truths behind the civil war in South Sudan, the connection of other countries and the people involved. The documentary is available on Africa Uncensored's YouTube channel and their social media accounts. 

The full series of three is here.  What is shown below is a preview of the documentary series.  










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