tutu home page"I look to you to be the generation that drives the transformation of Africa, and I particularly look to the Archbishop Tutu Fellows to be at the forefront of change."

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu



Inspiring Africa’s Best To Be Better Leaders

The African Leadership Institute (AFLI) is unique among leadership initiatives in that it focuses on building the capacity and capability of visionary and strategic leadership across the continent. Developing exceptional leaders representing all spheres of society, the Institute’s flagship programme is the prestigious Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship. Offering a multifaceted learning experience and run in partnership with Oxford University, it is awarded annually to 20-25 carefully chosen candidates, nominated from across Africa.

Alumni of the African Leadership Institute form a dynamic network of Fellows passionately committed to the continent’s transformation, bridging the divide between nations and ensuring that Africa is set centre-stage in global affairs.

Featured News

Aidan Eyakuze
22 July 2016

President John Pombe Magufuli has surprised and delighted many people in Tanzania and beyond, by some of the actions he has taken in his first few months as president. Together with his Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, the President swept through the port and tax authorities, uncovering widespread corruption and unpaid taxes, leaving a trail of more than 60 sacked and suspended senior officials behind them.

The president has clamped down hard on unnecessary public expenditure, dramatically reducing foreign travel, out-of-office workshops and meetings.

Nkosana Moyo
22 July 2016

Dear Mr President,

Since I came to your office to tender my resignation in 2001, you and I have not had any occasion to interact or communicate. I hope, however, you will still recall one of the observations I made about your legacy. I will not repeat it here because for me that remains a privileged conversation. I will, however, observe that I think you still have an opportunity to help create a foundation Zimbabweans can use to build a cohesive and successful nation.

Norman Smit
16 July 2016

The book, Expert Mavericks, showcases extraordinary individuals, each one a maverick in their field. It highlights the journeys and struggles that they faced in order to achieve success. Tutu Fellow Craig Wing is one of the 13 people selected for the book, compiled by Shareen Richter. 

The 13 South Africans, who are considered mavericks in their respective fields, share their personal stories with Richter in an effort to empower other South Africans to...

Norman Smit
14 July 2016

Forbes has written a piece on Kisua, highlighting how the company is putting African fashion on the map.  It starts out by pointing out that even if you’re not immersed in fashion, you probably understand that most designers originate from Paris, Milan, New York, and London. Africa seems to be a fashion afterthought. But it then makes the case for the impact African fashion has had on international design and the role that Kisua is playing today.

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