Workplace is designed to keep you up to date with activities in groups to which you are subscribed. Depending on how you are accessing the site, it produces a range of notifications.  Additionally, it gives you the option of adjusting what you're notifified about and how you're notified.

If you are on a laptop or using Google Chrome, the first time you log into Workplace, Chrome will ask you to allow/disallow notifications.  You can stop getting notifications by disallowing them that first instance. If you allowed notifications but wish to stop getting them, you can mute notifications.  Log into Workplace and click on the cog or gear icon, click Click in the top right of Workplace and select Settings, click Notifications, then click Desktop and Mobile, Click Turn Off next to Chrome.

You can also adjust other notification settings in the same location. 


Log into Workplace, click on the gear/cog icon for Settings, click on Notifications, and click Email. Choose if you want to receive all notifications, important notifications or only notifications about your account. You can also change your live video notification settings.

Push Notifications on your phone

You can turn on or off push notifications on your phone.  Depending on whether you're on Android or Apple will determine how you make the change.  Log in, go to the Notifications settings and adjust accordingly.  There are also additional settings you can change and adjust if you are using the app on your mobile phone in your hardware settings.


Workplace also Help, should these instructions not be useful.  Click on the question mark icon, type in Notifications, and Workplace will provide additional information.  If all this fails, please contact one of the admins your group.