Victor Ochen

Victor OchenBackground/Challenge:

Born and raised in Abia, one of northern Uganda’s camps for displaced people, Victor spent most of his youth amid war, witnessing an array of human rights abuses. In 2003, the Lord’s Resistance Army abducted his elder brother and cousin. To this day, no one knows what happened to them.


Victor has dedicated his life to rehabilitating victims of war, by providing psycho-social support and life-saving healthcare. As Director of Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), he has set up an organization which hosts workshops to promote tolerance, reconciliation, forgiveness and development in war-torn Uganda. Since 2005, AYINET has provided reconstructive surgical repair to at least 4000 victims of torture and sexual violence, as well as treating war wounds and those requiring mental health support.

“My work supporting victims and survivors of war, advocating for human rights, engaging in peace and reconciliation is out of inspiration I gained from Tutu himself and the skills and knowledge I gained during the fellowship.”