Shane Immelman

tfss f950204a db42 425e b96e 9047d8eb7e94 Shane ImmelmanBackground/Challenge:

Over 95 million school children in Sub Saharan Africa do not have the benefit of a classroom desk. This affects the development of the child's literacy and academic performance, as well as their ability to concentrate in class.


Provide portable school desks (known as Tutudesks) to children. To date, over 1 million desks have been distributed. The objective of the campaign is to distribute a further 20 million desks to 20 million children by 2020.

“As a beneficiary of the Archbishop Tutu Fellowship Programme, I have found a renewed sense of purpose in my own goals and objectives. The opportunity to constantly engage and collaborate with a wide number of like-minded, yet diverse, individuals from across our continent has expanded my consciousness, honed my personal outlook on life and considerably grown my skillset in key areas.”- Shane Immelman COO