Dr. Tariro Makadzange


The Parirenyatwa Hospital Family Care Centre (PHFCC) is one of the largest HIV treatment and care centres in Zimbabwe, providing services to more than 500 patients each day. The PHFCC is also involved in research, as well as the training of healthcare professionals. Connecting the knowledge and experience of clinicians with researchers to identify pertinent research questions has been a perennial challenge.  Dr. Tariro Makadzange opened an infectious disease research laboratory to find solutions for HIV-associated infections and train healthcare professionals.


In 2014, Tariro opened an infectious disease research laboratory at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare. It facilitates ‘translational research’, encouraging clinicians and scientists to work together to identify critical research questions based on clinical observations that can be researched at a lab level in order to find solutions. The new facility contains equipment donated by the Ragon Institute, a collaboration between Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard that contributes to the accelerated discovery of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

Tariro plans to expand the lab’s research to include the study of HIV-associated infections, such as cryptococcosis, and to ensure that the lab becomes a catalyst for expanding local research capacity and engaging medical students and young doctors in basic science.

“The skills that came through the Tutu Fellowship are around harnessing my own potential, because I’m surrounded by people doing phenomenal things around the continent.”

Parirenyatwa Hospital Family Care Centre