January Makamba

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Tanzania is considered to be at a political crossroads, facing high levels of joblessness, emerging divisions and regional insecurity. In 2015 it will see its fifth multiparty election. The current Tanzanian President - Dr. Jakaya Kikwete (64) – has been in office since December 2005.  January has launched a campaign to to elected as President of his country, saying: “for countries to change, politics has to change.


According to January: “for countries to change, politics has to change.” Currently Deputy Minister of Communication, Science and Technology in the Tanzanian Government and a member of the ruling party’s National Executive Committee, in 2014, January launched his campaign to be elected as the President of his country in 2015. In his constituency he is recognised for having launched the Bumbuli Development Corporation, which is seen as an innovative model to foster economic development. His previous roles included Foreign Service Officer (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and President Kikwete’s senior aide. In his quest to become the next President of Tanzania, January plans to create a sustainable local enterprise network, an ecosystem of “for-profit businesses, local communities, not-for-profit organisations and other actors working in a self-organising way to create value in economic, social, human and ecological terms.”

“The Tutu Fellowship Leadership Programme has helped me to expand my horizons and broaden my perspectives on leadership, and establish a network of friends who have now become family.”

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