Samuel Mensah


Having grown up surrounded by family members involved in the fashion industry, Sam Mensah always had a “passive interest” in clothes. Upon returning from travels as an investment banking and private equity professional to various African countries, his friends began offering him money to pickup contemporary fashions from the continent. Based on this, he had a hunch that he could apply some of his experience making investments in technology companies and start-ups to build an African fashion brand.



Sam took all that he had learnt from his MA in Economics and Management from Oxford University, his role as Africa Director for the investment arm of Intel, and quit his job, putting all of his savings into his dream of creating a globally recognised African fashion label. In October 2013, he launched Today, it is a successful international e-commerce business – with distribution centres in the UK, USA and South Africa – selling exclusive, contemporary African clothing, footwear and accessories. According to Sam, in order to be an entrepreneur, one must “internalize the possibility of failure and become comfortable with uncertainty.”

“The Tutu Fellowship helped me be a more effective leader by better understanding different styles of leadership. I have taken this learning to help me be a better CEO in my company.”