Ibrahim ElmirghaniIbrahim El-Mirghani



Occupational Information

Occupation: Public Servant

Position: Federal State Minister of Information and Communications Technologies, Sudan

Professional History

Ibrahim El-Mirghani is the Federal State Minister of Information and Communications Technologies in the government of Sudan and is the youngest minister in the government.  He is the spokesperson of the Democratic Unionist Party, a leading traditional political party in Sudan, which had been in opposition until joining the current government in an alliance.  Within the coalition government, he is part of the leadership team, serving on the political and leadership committees as well as heading his ministry.

Outside of government, Ibrahim has had business holdings in media and has farming interests in Eastern Sudan in cash crops and animal production.  Members of the El-Mirghani family have been key members of the few democracies in Sudanese history, including presidential councils, parliamentary leaders and ministers. Many Sudanese consider him the heir of this democratic legacy.  He took part in the peace talks with rebel groups in Eastern Sudan.  While a student in Egypt he became a student leader, organising Sudanese students and helping needy students with financial, logistical and study support.


Bachelor of Economics and Political Sciences - University of Cairo, Egypt


2018 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Programme