Joao Bernardo VieraJoao Bernardo Viera

Bissau Guinea


Occupational Information

Occupation: Professional

Occupational PositionSecretary of State for Transportation & Communication, Government of Guinea Bissau, and spokesperson for the ruling party.

Professional History

João Bernardo Vieira, born in Bissau in August 17, 1977 is the current Secretary of State for Transports and Communications of Guinea-Bissau and the spokesperson of the biggest party in Guinea-Bissau. Vieira has a law degree from Universidade Lusíadas Lisboa, Portugal and holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University, USA, where he served as President of Graduate Students Association. He was awarded a certificate of Emerging Leaders Program an Executive Education from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

In 2004, Vieira began his career in public service in Guinea-Bissau by serving as the Head of Multilateral Agreements in the Ministry of Trade. In this capacity he represented Guinea-Bissau in the Multilateral Trade Negotiations of the World Trade Organization. He benefitted from several trainings in Geneva offered to Least Developed Countries. In 2011 after a national contest he was selected out of a pool of 50 brilliant young Bissau-Guineean to serve as a member of the board of National Regulatory Authority, an organization responsible to regulate the telecom and the internet sector where he served for 3 years. In May 2014 he contributed to take his party to a landslide victory and in July he was sworn in as Secretary of State for Transport and Communications.


Law degree from Universidade Lusiadas, Lisbon


2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow