Noely Martino photoMartino Noely




Occupational Information

Occupation: Lawyer

Occupational Position: Team leader of Impact Management and Community Partnership

Professional History

Martino Noely is an executive at Rio Tinto QMM in Fort-Dauphin Madagascar, in which he is responsible for the engagement of regional and local stakeholders on land use tenure and community partnerships. His role is to help ensure that the local community benefits from the operations and that sustainable economic benefits are obtained.  He began his career in Rio Tinto QMM Madagascar as a Legal Assistant in January 2012.

Outside the mining industry, he has been a non-permanent lecturer at Toliara University in the Law department from 2011-2013. He has actively helped youth in Fort-Dauphin by providing lectures in Anosy Institute of Technology.  His approach is to use logic and pragmatism in his activities and in  actively engaging stakeholders using dialogue to resolve challenges.


An LLM in international and comparative environmental law From University of Limoges France
An LLM in Business comparative law from Parahyangan Catholic University of Bandung Indonesia
An LLB from Toliara University of Madagascar.


2017 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow