Raqiya Yusuf IbrahimRaqiya Ibrahim



Occupational Information

Job Title: MEAL OFFICER at Save the Children Somalia/Somaliland

Professional History

Raqiya is a humanitarian and development expert with complex experience in environmental, pastoralism, food security, development programming, and management as well as policy advocator.

Prior to that Raqiya was a director of the Complaints and Legal Service of Somaliland National Human Rights Commission. She was one of the very first women to qualify as a lawyer in her country. Against all negative advice from the elders, she set up a Somaliland Women Lawyer Association ("SWAL"), which is a female lawyer association gathering women legal professionals dedicated to protect and improve women and children's human rights. SWAL now counts over 100 members and employs over 30 women, it also receives funding from UNDP, UNODC, UNFPA Last year SWAL brought over a thousand cases to court. Raqiya has dedicated all her professional life to improving women and children's rights.

She runs regular human rights workshops informing female citizens and lobbying for better laws at parliament (e.g. she has recently introduced a bill criminalizing marital rape). Raqiya also regularly advises international NGOs on human rights.

She obtained an LLB law degree in Somaliland (Hargeisa University), management (Hargeisa College), and accounting (computerized School) as well as an English certificate from the Iqra institute. She has worked as a lawyer in both the Regional court and District court of the Somaliland region. She has worked for the police force undertaking investigations on the women and child desk.


LLB law degree from Hargeisa University, Somaliland 
Management from Hargeisa College
Accounting from Computerized School
English Certificate from the Iqra Institute


2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow

 Additional Tags: Law, Human Rights, Pastoralism, Food Security, Development Programming, Management, Accounting, Literature