AFLI has conducted a number of high level programmes, working with young leaders, with leadership as an underlying theme, but also building upon an acknowledged expertise in the use of the Scenario methodology in exploring national development and leadership issues. To date three major projects have been conducted.

Nigeria 2025

Alternative visions of the future of Nigeria completed in 2007, which received a standing ovation as hitting the mark, when presented to the Nigerian Economic Summit.

SA 2020

Alternative futures of South Africa created by a multi-disciplinary group of young leaders in 2005. The underlying trends and forces identified by the group are being actively played out in the country as we read this notice years later.  The full report, powerpoint and summary can be read at the dedicated SA2020 Scenarios Page.

Cape Verde

AFLI assisted in formulating national transformation strategy, organising a national forum, and provided leadership training to the Cabinet, including the Prime Minister, all Ministers and senior advisers.