2017 Tutu Fellow Mimi Kalinda recounts how the big story that revolved around Archbishop Desmond Tutu as she was growing up was courage, and really being fearless. And also timely leadership. Leadership is contextual and time-sensitive, she says. In this Tutu Talk, hear how Mimi dedicates herself to building a critical mass of African stories that need to be told.  Mimi is a communications professional and entrepreneur. 

TutuTalks are a series collaboration between the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and the African Leadership Institute, and it is a platform for African leaders who embody the values and ethics displayed by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu throughout his life of service.

In her Tutu Talk, Mimi recounts that growing up, she moved a lot - across continents and multiple countries - and that this shaped her world view and led her into television and media. But it was how media shapes narratives that caught her interest.  She says that Africa's narrative is important and African journalists are shaping how the continent is viewed both internally and from abroad. She says that work remains to be done to shape how Africa is viewed abroad and to provide positive context.  The first step to changing the narrative of Africa is to 'know yourself'.  That, she says, is far easier today.

Watch the entire intervew below: