Tutu Fellow Kopano Mabaso has been featured on season three of the South African short-film series 21 Icons. The South African medical doctor, who is pursuing a PhD in public health at Oxford University is #18 in the series.


21 Icons traces South Africa’s history over the course of its three seasons, moving from the fight for freedom to the country’s growth during democracy, and concluding with a vision of the future. Season III, which will be aired in 2016, is envisaged as a tribute to the country’s future, shedding the spotlight on young South Africans.

Mabaso was selected for the series as a voice for the new generation of South Africans dealing with issues such as race, poverty and gender and coming to grips with their sense of identity. She is also acknowledged for making healthcare more equally accessible and for establishing educational support programmes.  Despite the difficulties the country is experiencing, she remains optimistic about the rainbow nation.

An interview with her from the series can be found on YouTube.