Climate change an humanitarian activist Catherine Constantinides was invited to address the Italian parliament as part of a conference on sustainability and the impact of climate change.  Constantinides, a 2013 Fellow, was invited by the Istituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare, a technical and scientific body of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In addressing the group, she was the only speaker who was not parliamentarian or religious leader.  Europe is facing a humanitarian crisis as millions of Africans impacted by climate change and people displaced by war in the Middle East migrate north, with Italy being one of the countries seeing large numbers of refugees.  As such, issues of politics, climate change, sustainability, and migration are playing out daily in Italy and the EU.

Constantinides has been honoured for her work with the Saharawi, displaced in the Western Sahara, and for her national diplomacy regarding refugee camps.