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Thinking within several boxes


2015 Tutu Fellow Craig Wing spoke at TEDx in Durham, North Carolina in 2011, on disruptive innovation.  He said that his upbringing gave him a unique perspective on the world - he grew up a South African of Chinese background, with an Apartheid government, British Education and African beliefs.  His presentation came during a period when he was launching a cleantech nonprofit in Silicon Valley, California. This perspective has helped him see how to break down the silos that exist in organisations in which expertise is contained within those silos and not used effectively across boundaries for better solutions. Only when there is synergy will the whole be greater than the sum of the parts. He identified three key elements that can help organisations: bright spots, enabling impact, and thinking within several boxes.


Watch his presentation to hear him explain what those concepts mean.

Al Jazeera's Tutu's Children Series: Part 1

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Sunday, 29 November 2020

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