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Tutu Fellow joins the Board of the Skoll Foundation


James Mwangi, a 2009 Tutu Fellow and the Executive Director of the Dalberg Group, has been appointed to the Board of the Skoll Foundation. Mwangi has dedicated the last 20 years to building the Dalberg Group into an organisation that fuels inclusive growth globally.  He started in New York, building Dalberg’s first business, then expanded through Africa.

Throughout this time of growth, Mwangi says he has looked to the Skoll Foundation for inspiration. The Skoll Foundation was founded in 1999 invests in and connects social entrepreneurs and innovators to help them solve the world’s most pressing problems.  It has invested approximately $530 million worldwide.

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Fellow's Job Portal site featured


Bella Naija, a leading online site, has featured 2015 Tutu Fellow Deji Adewunmi and his two co-founders for their employment portal, called Jobberman.  The company has been listed at number eight by Forbes in tech start-ups in Africa.   Jobberman is Nigeria's largest job website and quite possibly the largest site of its kind in West Africa.  Deji, along with Opeyemi Awoyemi and Olalekan Olude, met at university as undergraduates and became friends, going on to launch the business together.  The site has more than two million job applicants and carries jobs from more than 40 thousand employers. 

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Two Fellows selected for UNLEASH 2017


Two 2016 Tutu Fellows, Amanda Gicharu and Jon Kornik, have been selected for the final one thousand candidates for UNLEASH 2017. Each year, UNLEASH sets up global innovation labs in which they bring together this group and get them working on themes such as water, food, energy, sustainable consumption and production and others. The large number offers UNLEASH the ability to tap some of the best minds of a generation and obtain critical mass on social issues. 

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Tutu Fellow now also an Echoing Green Fellow


2016 Tutu Fellow Jon Kornik has joined the ranks of the 2017 Echoing Green Fellowship.  Thirty six people were named by the global organisation as Fellows in the class of 2017.  They include people turning chicken feathers into sustainable home insulation; creating pathways for underground distributors of cannabis to enter the legal cannabis industry; and equipping communities with data on police violence.

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Tech solutions challenge for African Diaspora in London


The African Diaspora has seen some of Africa's top talent leave the continent and go abroad.  To tap into this talent and provide these scatterlings of Africa with a way to network and remain engaged with the continent, 2017 Tutu Fellow 'Bosun Tijani launched the CcHub Diaspora Challenge.  The international project offers up to $250 thousand to be made available to African diaspora businesses that provide solutions to social challenges on the continent.

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Changing young hackers to white hat coders


2007 Tutu Fellow 'Gbenga Sesan, a tech entrepreneur and educator, has a program underway in which he is turning Nigerian hackers into tech entrepreneurs.  With 43% of Nigerian youth unemployed, it is little wonder some have turned to cybercrime.   His organisation, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, is retraining them to use technology constructively.  "If you're smart enough to scam, you're smart enough to design an app", he says. One hacker he has worked with has created an app for patients to view their medical records in real time, another to help protect young people from inappropriate online content.  The work he is doing with Nigeria's 'Yahoo Boys' was highlighted by the WEF on Africa. 

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Conteh selected as a 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Conteh selected as a 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year

One of the candidates participating in the 2017 Tutu Leadership Programme, Sonkita Conteh, has been selected by the Schwab Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum as a Social Entrepreneur of the Year awardee for 2016.  The Schwab Foundation drafts the list annually from a global pool of candidates.  The annual selection usually comprises about 20-25 people who join the 260 social entrepreneurs in a global network that fosters the peer-to-peer exchange of ideas.  The foundation works closely with the World Economic Forum to integrate their awardees into regional and global meetings of the WEF.

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Stopping counterfeit medicine with a text

Stopping counterfeit medicine with a text

2010 Tutu Fellow Bright Simons is being called a champion of safe medicine in Africa.  The social entrepreneur and policy activist has developed software that enables consumers to instantly verify the authenticity of medicine they buy.  The person buying the medicine enters a code on the medicine at the point of sale on their mobile phone and gets a reply confirming if the medicine they are getting is authentic or not.

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Creating a Level Playing Field for Social Innovators in Africa

Creating a Level Playing Field for Social Innovators in Africa

By Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, Associate Tutu Fellow.  This post originally appeared in the Stanford Review.

There is growing global interest in opportunities for social change and profitable growth on the African continent. In 2015, 30 percent of the 3,165 applications for the Echoing Green Award were for initiatives focused on Africa, with Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya listed as the top five countries after the United States and India.

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