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Why we need more women in leadership


The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #PressforProgress. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, it will take the world two hundred years to reach gender parity. We are being urged not to sit back. I am the first female leader of the Bar Association in Zambia pre- and post- Zambia’s independence in 1964. At the last count, I was one of only two female leaders of a national Bar Association in Africa. This is a very sad state of affairs.

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Guest — Jacob Tambala
I have gone through the entire article, it's great. Being a parent who is raising a vibrant and ambitious girl child, this article... Read More
Saturday, 17 March 2018 10:38
Guest — Joseph Musonda
I have read this article and find it inspirational and esteem building particularly for women. Women too must learn to support one... Read More
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 12:20
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