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Pakati ChangeLead on 2019's 100 Most Influential Young Africans List


One of the Project Pakati's Youth-led and Youth Serving Organisation Portal ChangeLeads has made the prestigious 100 Most Influential Young Africans List for 2019, which is compiled annually by African Youth Awards. The ChangeLead is Viveksing Urjoon. This recognition of his work is made for it's impact on lives across the continent. The list - which is now in it's fourth year - is comprised of people from 32 countries and celebrates the work of young Africans passionate about changing the narrative of their continent.

The portal comprises a group set up by AFLI in its online collaboration platform to provide guidance on helping to set up a directory for youth-led and youth serving organisations that are helping people across the continent. The directory can be seen on the website

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Pakati puts out call for ChangeMakers and ChangeLeads

For a continent that is the youngest in the world, young Africans are conspicuous by their absence at key deliberations that affect their futures. Because of this, Project Pakati is calling for ChangeMakers and ChangeLeads to work on a youth representation project.

There seems to be an understanding that youth are significant dividends of the continent’s population and that they need to be included in decision-making processes in various spaces, yet this is not happening. By not including them in decision-making processes, countries lose a crucial resource base. Young people can contribute a great deal through their perspectives and experiences; no governance structure can be truly successful without them.

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