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Wide interest in call to action to Heads of State on Africa Day 2021


For Africa Day 2021, the African Leadership Institute sent an open Letter to African Heads of State, calling on them to include more young people in governance. It held a Zoom meeting with a high-level panel on the current poor representation of young people in governance that was widely attended. The Open Letter is published at Publications. You can watch the full Zoom meeting on AFLI's YouTube Channel.

Globally, Africa has the youngest population in the world, yet many are unemployed or marginalised. The average age on the continent is 19, yet in 2018, the average age of African Heads of State was 64 and a half years old. In it's letter to heads of government, AFLI challenged them to rectify this disproportional state of affairs.

The Open Letter was also picked up by news media.

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Six months in, Youth Organisations Directory entries spike in numbers


It's been six months since the Youth Organisations Directory was launched by AFLI as part of Project Pakati's goal to showcase the work being done by youth-led and youth-serving organisations across Africa. The directory assists African NGO's be recognised and found. Because it aggregates these NGO's on a single, searchable platform, it makes it straightforward for donors, funders and the audiences these organisations serve to find them.

Since it was launched, more than 330 organisations have taken the opportunity to register and create entries for their organisations in the directory. At this point, most African countries are represented. As the directory has grown and become better known, it has been shared by those already listed on it. While entry submission rates were initially slow, submission rates have increased. On a single day towards the end of this month, 23 NGO's submitted entries.

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New Project Manager joins AFLI

Monique Atouguia joined the staff of the African Leadership Institute as the new Project Manager of Pakati on 7 October 2019. Monique holds a BA Honours in Justice and Transformation (with distinction) and a BA in Economic History, Political Science and English Literary Studies from the University of Cape Town.

She is also pursuing a Masters in Organisational and Institutional Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand, part-time.

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Pakati ChangeLead on 2019's 100 Most Influential Young Africans List


One of the Project Pakati's Youth-led and Youth Serving Organisation Portal ChangeLeads has made the prestigious 100 Most Influential Young Africans List for 2019, which is compiled annually by African Youth Awards. The ChangeLead is Viveksing Urjoon. This recognition of his work is made for it's impact on lives across the continent. The list - which is now in it's fourth year - is comprised of people from 32 countries and celebrates the work of young Africans passionate about changing the narrative of their continent.

The portal comprises a group set up by AFLI in its online collaboration platform to provide guidance on helping to set up a directory for youth-led and youth serving organisations that are helping people across the continent. The directory can be seen on the website

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Youth Organisations Directory goes online


A directory has been launched by Pakati to showcase the work being done by youth-led and youth-serving organisations across Africa. The directory, which was developed by the African Leadership Institute with grant funding from the Ford Foundation, will assist African NGO's be recognised and found.

The directory serves several purposes. It aggregates and pools all of these NGO's on a single platform, making it straightforward for donors and funders to find them, as well as the audiences these organisations serve.

Additionally, youth-led and youth-serving organizations do not leverage lessons learnt by other similar organizations, as information-sharing opportunities are limited. This puts similar organisations within an email or phonecall of each other and enables them to find one another and learn from each other. This aligns with Pakati's goals of helping young people network and reach a critical mass in their respective areas.

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Profiling Youth-Led and Youth-Serving Organisations


The African Leadership Institute, through Pakati, is developing a directory to assist African NGO's led by and serving the youth of the continent. Titled the African Youth-Led and Youth-Serving Organizations Portal, the project recognises the impact youth-led organizations have: It provides an important outlet for employment, being run and staffed by young people, and they ignite active citizenry and volunteerism at community levels. But these types of organisations face challenges. They are generally poorly-funded, because donors and funders have difficulty finding and identifying these organisations. Additionally, youth-led and youth-serving organizations do not leverage lessons learnt by other similar organizations, as information-sharing opportunities are limited.

Governments also do not acknowledge the important contributions these organizations make, resulting in young people becoming frustrated at not getting credit or support for their role in improving the social and economic development of their communities.

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Former Pakati Youth Advisory Board Member a 2019 UN SDG Advocate

A former Pakati Youth Advisory Board member, Edward Ndopu, joins a storied group of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocates. On 9 May 2019, UN Secretary General António Guterres announced the new class for 2019. Edward (Eddie) Ndopu served on the Project Pakati Youth Advisory Board from June 2018 - January 2019. He is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning human rights advocate, and was recently named by MTV as one of the most powerful disabled people on the planet. Eddie is the former Head of Amnesty International’s Africa Youth Program and is a former Researcher for the World Economic Forum.

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Pan-African Leadership Directory Launch


In August 2018, the African Leadership Institute launched its seminal report titled: An Abundance of Young African Leaders, but No Seat at the Table at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya. Fast forward to 2019, AFLI launched a fully-searchable directory built on the data in the report. It lists all of the organisations providing leadership development training to young African leaders.

The problem with many directories, however, is finding anything useful. In the leadership directory, it is possible to search by any piece of text, by programme type, region, country, alphabetically, sponsors or a range of other datasets - and get a list.

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Election of new Youth Advisory Board co-chairs

Governance for AFLI's Pakati Project is provided by a Youth Advisory Board. As stated in the Board terms of reference, the position of co-chair is valid for a period of six months only. Thereafter, the board co-chairs together with the secretariat (AFLI) are required to vote in a new set of co-chairs. This rotational arrangement has been put in place to allow the young leaders of the youth advisory board to be exposed to the experience of chairing a board and to leverage the experience for their growth and development. The co-chairs will support each other to achieve the objectives of the project and it is up to them to decide how they will collaborate and delegate tasks between themselves.

The newly elected board co-chairs, Maudo Jallow and Wadi Ben-Hirki, commenced their term in February 2019 replacing Raphael Obonyo and Rumbi Gunduza.

Maudo Jallow

Maudo Jallow The Gambia Maudo Jallow is the founder of New Nation – a youth-driven initiative that seeks to advocate for the prioritisation of youth development and structural transformation in The Gambia.

 He currently works with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as an International Development Expert. Before that,   Maudo  worked with the United Nations Research Institute as part of the Social Policy & Development research team, between September and   December 2017. He is also a contributor and writer for Future Africa Forum, which is an organization that exists to increase the voice and participation   of young African people in policymaking, dialogue and implementation, as well as a platform for coming up with policies and agendas that advance the   development of the African continent.

In the recent past, Maudo worked for the LSE Africa Summit as a Co-Director, and Press TV UK as a Contributor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business with French and Economics and a Master's degree in African Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Wadi Ben-Hirki

Wadi Ben-Hirki is a development worker, writer, and public speaker. She is the Founder of Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, a registered   non-  profit organization in Nigeria. She is a strong believer of equity and justice. She believes everyone deserves a fighting chance and we are   humans first before anything else so, we should treat one another with love and care.

 Wadi holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Covenant University, Nigeria. She has been trained by the Satyagraha Institute on non-violence,   peace building and conflict resolution, Youth Organizing School on policy advocacy & civic engagement. She currently sits on the African Leadership   Institute Youth Advisory Board and serves as a Country Representative for the Chatham House Common Futures Conversations. Wadi is a ONE   Champion and an Ashoka change maker. In 2017, she was the focal point for Canada High Commission’s #SheCANLead campaign in Nigeria. In 2016, she participated in the Africa Union’s Regional Consultation on Human Rights with a major focus on Women’s Rights. Wadi was a Youth Delegate at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference 2018 and served as a Special Guest on education & skills for the 21st century at the Y20 Summit 2018. She also participated in the 2018 United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Youth Leaders’ Exchange with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Wadi was one of the recipients of the World Youth Forum Award 2018 which was presented by H.E President AbdelFattah El-Sisi (President of Egypt). She was enlisted as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans in 2018. Some of her awards include Her Network Woman of the Future Award 2017, The Ebony Life TV Sisterhood Advocate and People’s Choice of the Year Awards 2017, Top 10 young people in Africa working towards achieving Gender Justice and Reconciliation Award and Civil Society Award 2017.

Wadi has been nominated on several occasions and has volunteered for a couple of organizations that focus on education, gender equality and peace. Her voice has been heard on Aljazeera, BBC, Agence-France Presse and La Nacion Etc.

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African youth initiatives Report launch


The African Leadership Institute conducted research on the state of African youth leadership initiatives. The report launch was held on the August 28th, 2018, in Nairobi, Kenya at the Strathmore University, titled An Abundance of Young African Leaders – But no Seat at The Table. The hashtag for the launch, #SameTableNewSeats, sparked much interest on social media platforms and trended on Twitter that day.

The report was officially launched by Dr Vincent Ogutu, Vice-Chancellor Designate of Strathmore University, with keynote speakers, Dr Patricia Murugami and Rosemary Okello also of Strathmore Business School and Margaret Mliwa of the Ford Foundation.

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Youth Advisory Board assembled


The Youth Advisory Board for the Ford Foundation-funded Pan African leadership project will play a critical role in the governance of the project. The board has been intentionally constituted up front at the start of the grant project to provide strategic inputs and provide overall guidance of the project and its implementation.

Two ex officio members will sit on the board in addition to the eminent young Africans on the board. The first is a member of AFLI - which is the grant recipient. The second is a member of the African Union Commission’s Youth Division.

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