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Listen loudly with your whole heart


2018 Tutu Fellow Nozipho Mbanjwa took part in the TEDxGreshamPlace session in Durban, South Africa in March 2020. She begins her talk by saying that she is a 'Conversation Strategist'. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, she is in demand for her ability to moderate global conversations - often difficult conversations - with insight, courage, depth and breadth. These have been for global and African institutions, leading listed and unlisted multinational corporations, business schools, and civil society organisations seeking to leverage conversations for change.

So the topic of her TED talk is entirely fitting.  Listen loudly with your whole heart, she says. 

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A lobola ceremony in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg

A lobola ceremony in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg

What happens when a man from Pretoria, part Afrikaans and part English heritage, decides to marry a woman from Soweto with Pedi heritage?

Well, the first thing they decide is to go through a mahadi ceremony, where lobola is negotiated and agreed. They accept that this is an important process to honour. It brings the two families together in a way that builds resilience for their relationship as a married couple.

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