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An account of violence for Women's Day 2020


2018 Tutu Fellow Lynette Ntuli posted a thread on Twitter on International Women's Day 2020 that speaks directly to the reasons why the day is still needed. The powerful account highlights why Gender Based Violence (GBV) has no bounds: no age, demeanor, class, access, education, public standing, or colour will protect women from it. She says that for most women, it’s not a matter of if, but when it will affect them directly. It’s waiting at the supermarket, in the boardroom, in Direct Messages.

The thread begins in January 2020, when Lynette joined the legions of women in South Africa whose right to safety and justice had to be upheld by a court of law. Why? She did not respond to WhatsApp messages on her phone from a stranger.

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Better the Balance for a Better Zambia


As a woman CEO in the manufacturing sector, it’s been a lonely journey to say the least. When I started Java Foods, I didn’t realise how difficult it was going to be. I looked around me and most of the businesses were either multinationals or local businesses all run by MEN. At first, I thought it wasn’t an issue, after all, I was a maverick. But as months rolled on, I realized that I was in fact the odd one out.
I would go into meetings with my male Sales Manager and they would address him as the boss and ask me to take notes (and by the way this still happens – recently in a meeting of fellow CEOs, I was asked to take minutes…I rolled my eyes and asked my Sales Manager to do it). Or one time, I was asked what I did, to which I proudly responded, ‘I run a food company’. He then asked, “what’s the name of your restaurant?”
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