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A letter from China, by January Makamba


At around the time the coronavirus outbreak was about to happen, 2013 Tutu Fellow January Makamba was wrapping up a visit to the country.  During his time there, he penned a post titled: Letter from China: Two stories and the fortune of nations that provides a great deal of insight into the country.

The political leader and former cabinet minister from Tanzania went to China to see the country first hand. January points out that China is the largest source of imports for 65 countries and that no country has achieved this feat in modern history. He notes that it shrank and completed the basic industrialization process within the span of 30 years, something that took the earlier industrial countries 100 years. This speed and scale has been disorienting to many, he says. The next stage will be even more so because the Chinese think and plan for centuries.

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China: Imperialist or Catalyst?


Is China the new imperial power in Africa, or a partner with which Africa can advance its developmental interests?  This is a question that 2014 Tutu Fellow Isaac Fokuo examines in an essay for African Business.  The dominant narrative in Sino-African relations is that China's interest in Africa is confined to natural resources.  Fokuo goes further.  He says that African governments need to leverage China's engagement by implementing economic development policies as a catalyst for industrialisation.

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Chinese immigrants in Africa - a mirror for bilateral trade relations?

Chinese immigrants in Africa - a mirror for bilateral trade relations?

 Tutu Fellow Jacqueline Musiitwa has written an article for This is Africa in which she examines the role of Chinese immigrants in Africa.  In partnership with Hangwei Li, the article looks at what Chinese immigrants are doing in the face of the global slowdown.  Chinese migration to Africa swelled during the boom years when China was undergoing rapid expansion. 

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